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The Academy of Arts at January’s has been leading the way in dance education since 1986. Our mission is to provide a highly creative atmosphere, where children are to use their imagination and creativity while exploring movement, dance, art and music, thus enabling them to discover more about themselves, the space around them, and their relationship with the world itself.
Our professional teachers and administrators are here to ensure that the whole child is nurtured, encouraged, and applauded. Nurturing a child's emotional wellbeing as well as providing a solid foundation in proper technique, will help ensure your child has the necessary tools and confidence they need to reach all their goals in dance, as well as in life.

Dance friends make the best friends!

Our Programs

Our Programs
Tots Program

A unique class designed and modeled after Kindermusik.

A 30-minute creative movement & tumbling class for two-year olds.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Ballet & Tap combined into one class per week allowing children to explore both styles of dance.

Recreational Dance

Students can take one or two classes per week with no prior technical experience in dance. A great way to prepare for dance teams, community theatre roles, and extracurricular involvements. Fun and age appropriate, with five different age levels offered four days a week, grades 1 through 12.

Hip-Hop | Jazz Funk | Modern | Ballet | Tap

Apprenticeship / Pre-Professional Program

This program is designed to allow children who are serious about their dance education to study at the highest level possible. Students are trained in all styles of dance and work with a multitude of professional dance educators including master teachers from around the country. Monthly class fees start at $135.00. This low monthly fee includes an unlimited number of classes per week enabling dancers to study as cost efficiently as possible. 


In 2014 alone, participants in our AP program were awarded acceptance and scholarships to prestigious programs at Point Park University, University of the Arts Philadelphia, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and various scholarships around the state. The AP program trains dancers for ensemble work, auditioning, college programs, and careers in dance.


Level I - Ages 7-8

Level II - Ages 9-11

Level III - Ages 12-15

Level IV - Ages 16 to Adult

Summer Programs

During the summer, we offer several different types of programs - everything from week long arts camps and dance intensives to weekly walk-in classes. Something for everyone! 

Mermaids and Dragons Children's Art Camp

The perfect camp for children aged three through seven offering an array of fun-filled arts related classes. Each day includes classes in music, dance, theatre, and art, as well as story time and a snack. The camp week ends with a showcase and cupcakes for family and friends.


For current dates, see Upcoming Events.

5-Week Summer Dance Session

In this multi-week session, offered to three-year-olds through adults, classes are offered three days a week for all styles and levels of dance. Class structure is designed so that students may choose classes at different times for one fee, enabling them to plan around summer vacations. The session is a perfect way to continue training during the summer or sample new styles you've always wanted to try.

For current dates, see Upcoming Events.

Princess Camp

Dance like a princess! A camp for kids aged six through eight, this week-long session will introduce a new ballet each day. Selections include Disney's Cinderella and Sleeping BeautyCoppelia, and Carnival of the Animals with Peter and the Wolf. The camp is complete with dress-up costumes and a final showcase.

For current dates, see Upcoming Events.

Jazz Intensive

A four-day intensive program concentrating on jazz and modern techniques. Faculty includes guest artists and master teachers from around the country.


For current dates and faculty, see Upcoming Events.

Ballet Intensive

A four-day intensive program concentrating on ballet technique and variations. Faculty includes guest artists and master teachers from around the country.

For current dates and faculty, see Upcoming Events.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

If most dance studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers, experience teaching children and a big show at the end of the year, aren't they all pretty much the same? Does it really matter at which place you decide to enroll? Yes! 


Here are five things that every parent should consider before deciding on a dance studio for their child.

Teaching Staff

Be sure the school you choose employs qualified teachers. Check their bios! Teachers who are not trained properly produce poor quality dancers who learn bad habits and are prone to injury. Be sure the person who works with your child has the proper skills, training, and expertise in the area of study you have chosen. This is very important. Bad habits don’t just happen - they are taught, and very hard to break. We only hire qualified teachers who are very good at what they do. 

A Well-Rounded Program

Dancers must be well rounded. If a school only offers children's classes, then there is nowhere to grow. If they only offer ballet, then the dancer is not able to work in any other style and once he/she dances outside of their school they feel frustrated and unprepared. Our school has a graded program, preschool through pre-professional. Children are placed according to age and then graduate through all levels of our program. We also offer a large recreation program for students who only wish to take one class a week for fun and fitness. These dancers don't go through our graded program. They dance for fun! For more serious dancers, we have a junior (7-11) and senior (12-20) dance company which allows dancers to perform at several venues both in state and out of state. The Academy offers ballet, pointe, variations, jazz, contemporary/modern dance and tap. We produce well rounded dancers who are confident in their training.

Is It Fun?

What good is the best training in the world if your child doesn't have fun? Dance should build confidence and self-esteem. Be sure the program you choose addresses children as individuals first, taking into account their various needs and personalities.


We have two locations to choose from - Charleston and Teays Valley. Our Charleston school is a 9,000 square-foot facility with four studios. A company studio for advanced dancers with their own lounge and kitchen. A separate studio designed specifically for children with its own waiting area equipped with legos and toys for siblings. All year long all of our studios have one way glass viewing windows so that classes can be audited without disturbing the dancers. Our floors are wood with special marley coverings, which are accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for professional and recreational dancers. A marley floor allows dancers to slide, with a degree of "controlled slip", but is not slippery so there is less risk of slips and falls. Marley floors also provide an extra layer of cushion to help with preventing shin splints. Very few studios use professional marley floors because of the expense involved. We feel it is an important investment.

Performance Opportunities

We feel it is important to produce a full professional show at the end of the year. Not all children get to attend professional theatre or dance performances, so they're not exposed to proper theatre etiquette. We want to show them how it's done. This is more expensive than a typical recital but is well worth it. We use full sets, backdrops and professional lighting designers. Our dancers understand stage directions and proper etiquette to be used backstage as dancers, and in the house as an audience member.

Ask the Director

Ask the Director

Is it ever too late to start dance?

Never! Dance is about movement, joy and learning - things we can all use a bit of, no matter how old. Whether you are 4, 14, or 40, dance will bring you invaluable gifts. I receive so many calls from adults who loved dance as a child. To them I say, "It's just like riding a bike. The hardest part is making time for the ride, not the ride itself."

Why choose dance over another sport?


If you are like so many of the parents I know, you are trying to find the right activities for your child while at the same trying to keep from overscheduling them and to leave time each week for your family. There are so many excellent activities to choose from - dance, soccer, tennis, swimming, piano... but which one?


I would, of course, steer you toward dance. Yet as a dance teacher, my reccomendation carries its bias - as would that of your soccer coach or piano instructor. Nonetheless, I believe from the bottom of my heart that studying dance puts us in touch with ourselves in a way that no other sport can. It adds depth and artistry to our lives, and is it so good for the brain! Blending cerebral and cognitive thinking with muscle memory is a unique combination presented by dance.


I can always pick a dancer out of a crowd, and I bet you can too. They are confident, have great eye contact and are very comfortable in social settings - qualities that help children develop into successful and motivated leaders. 

Do you do recitals? If so, what are the fees associated with them?

Yes, we do recitals. Peformance is a very important part of dance education and a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s progress and achievements. Our annual recital is a highlight for us, and we do it as professionally as possible. Parents tell us the shows are entertaining and enjoyable, and bring back great memories.


The recital is held at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium in early May and involves one rehearsal and one performance. You will have to purchase a costume for your child, which is often around $70.00; there is one costume per class. We do not charge a recital fee.


We also stage an original ballet each year. This is done in the spring with a full orchestra and is always a huge success. We perform for over 2,000 school kids as well as the local community. Auditions are held for these so that we may cast children for the right parts. Check out our JADCO page to learn more about the shows or call us for more details.

Does it matter where we take lessons?

I’d love to say Yes! Come to our school! The truth, however, is that as long as you find a school where the teachers are knowledgable, properly trained and compassionate, you will be in good hands. Proper technique is critical in developing strong and proficient bodies, while improper training can lead to bad habits and injury. Find a school that cares about your kids and one that has an impressive and professional staff.

How much do lessons cost?

Fees for dance lessons vary widely across the country, and pricey classes can be disenchanting when selecting an activity. We charge an affordable $18.00 per class.


We also have a "Discount Learn to Dance Saturday" program designed to help families who want to explore dance inexpensively for the first time. These classes require no special shoes or dance wear, and cost $42.00 for a month of classes.


We also have an audition-based pre-professional program for our more serious dancers. Fees for this program start at $135.00 per month for unlimited classes. This design encourages students to take as many classes as they feel necessary to achieve their goals.

What now? How do I register for a class or ask more questions?

Call us, email us, visit us on Facebook or browse the rest of the website to learn more - you can even register online. Our class schedule is listed online as well as upcoming events and master classes. I personally answer all of our emails and try my hardest to answer within 24 hours.


All of us at January’s truly love what we do and we hope it shows! Give us a call. 


Looking forward to talking to you.     


~ January

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